FAQ - MBBS and Engineering

Medical FAQ

Q1. Can we take admission in a medical college without NEET?

No. As per the Ministry of HRD notification, all the admissions in medical colleges will be based on NEET score only.

Q2. How many medical colleges are in India?

There are about 567 medical colleges in India. Out of this 250 are owned by various state and central Governments.

Q3. Which are the five best medical colleges of India?

Although there are several surveys on college rankings and each survey gives a different ranking. The top 5 medical colleges are:
a) AIIMS, Delhi
b) JIPMER, Pondicherry
c) Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi
d) Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
e) Christian Medical College, Vellore

Q4. What is mop up round in MBBS Counselling?

Mop up round is a round or a list basically that comes out after all the rounds are done. It is for filling all the vacant seats that have been left out after the rounds. Sometimes students leave their seats due to some reasons and the seats become vacant.

Q5.What is upgradation in medical counseling?

You can apply for second round of counseling to get an upgrade. For this you will have to surrender your first round seat and also if the seat is allotted in second round, you can join the college and if you do not join you will not be refunded registration fee.

Q6. What is AIQ 15% quota?

The 85% quota refers to the State Quota, reserved for domiciles of a particular state for the seats offered by medical and dental colleges in that state, while the 15% quota refers to the All India Quota, reserved for candidates from across the country for government medical and dental colleges in all states.

Q7. What if I cannot produce my caste certificate during NEET Counselling?

In case the candidate fails to produce proper caste (and PWD, if applicable) certificate at allotted medical / dental college then he/she will not be permitted to join the allotted medical / dental college (allotted seat will be cancelled) and his/her category will be changed, if otherwise eligible for changed category.

Engineering FAQ

Q1. Is it compulsory to give both JEE mains?

As per the new rule, the NTA JEE Mains is going to be conducted twice a year. No, it is not necessary to qualify both exams. You can appear for both the exams and the best out of both scores will be considered for admission.

Q2. Which is better IIT or IIIT?

Although IIITs are very good and are known for their specializations in IT and Computer Science degrees but IITs are far better than IIITs when it comes to reputation and placements.

Q3. What is the difference between BE & B.Tech.?

There is no difference. BE is Bachelor of Engineering and B.Tech is Bachelor of Technology. Some institutes like IITs and a few others call it B.Tech and a few others call it B.Tech whereas others, especially in Maharashtra call it BE.

Q4. Is it risky to get admission for engineering in the time of recession?

You have got 4 years to enter into job market. Hope for the better tomorrow and concentrate on excelling your engineering studies.

Q5. What does Home state quota mean?

Home State quota means seats reserved for candidates of a particular state This is also called domicile. The state of eligibility is where the candidate passes qualifying exam from that state.

Q6. How many choices can a candidate give?

A candidate can submit as many choices as he/she wants in order of preference as he wishes from the list of available choices.

Q7. Can the candidate modify the choices after locking?

After locking, the candidate cannot modify his choices

Q8. Will my academic semester/year suffer due to Covid-19?

There will be some delays in admissions due to Covid-19, but almost all colleges will have a plan to manage this delay. So students should not worry about this. In the end, the four years engineering degree should finish on time.

Q9. Is there any reservation for sub-category?

Sub-category reservation is for Persons with Disabilities (PwD) only.